The objectives of KUSDGsUNi include, but are not limited to:

  • A golden opportunity for all Kuwaiti universities to join the global conversation on SD and how to achieve Kuwait Vision 2035  and the UN’s 17 SDGs.
  • In the post-COVID-19 era of global skills and the knowledge race, KUSDGsUNi will help Kuwaiti universities to accomplish their natural and ascribed roles as a strategic agent for Kuwait Vision 2035 and Kuwait’ national collective efforts to catch-up and be on track to achieve the UN’s 17 SDGs.
  • KUSDGsUNi will help Kuwait universities integrate and reconnect their curriculum in all 17 SDGs relevant subjects and place more focus on issues relevant to Kuwait Vision 2035 .
  • KUSDGsUNi will help Kuwaiti universities to become more sensitive and responsive to developing graduates who can compete in the global and intensely competitive knowledge/digital economy. Therefore, Kuwaiti universities will become more attractive to new students who are very keen to join universities that can help them better understand the global sustainability challenges and how to solve these problems in the future.
  • KUSDGsUNi will help Kuwaiti universities improve their various research activities to achieve Kuwait Vision 2035 and the UN’s 17 SDGs and provide practical recommendations and actions to help Kuwaiti universities transform the way it conducts and uses research to achieve the UN’s 17 SDGs. Kuwaiti universities will also be able to attract more research funding from different organisations across the world who are very keen to fund research projects focusing on issues around the UN’s 17 SDGs.


  • Find new students from across the world. Several reports argue that youth’s perspectives on their future studies is focusing on SD and Forbes as an example refer to Generation Z as “sustainability generation”.
  • Build relationships and be involved with the UN’s various agencies and officials working on SDGs.
  • All leading World University Rankings such as QS, Times Higher Education and others, emphasise on the importance of assessing Kuwaiti universities and other universities across the world critical role in implementing SDGs on campus and helping their countries as whole to achieve the UN SDGs.
  • Enhance Kuwaiti universities profiles in the international market.
  • Network directly with other Kuwaiti universities and other key universities across the world, and share experience and lessons learned with their research and teaching.
  • SDGs’ outstanding contribution certificate to be displayed in each university.
  • Each university’s own dedicated page online, including the university full profile, courses, research, research centres, publications, featured top experts, latest news, website, and all their contact and social media details.
  • WASD, supported by a prestigious Experts Advisory Board, will undertake an exercise through which we will select the most distinguished universities with experience and contributions to achieve the UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs.
  • Business Diagnostic Consultations and workshops by our Expert Advisors to meet universities transformation strategies and plans towards achieving SDGs.
  • Selected Kuwaiti universities will be provided with an official invitation and choice of several levels of engagement in WASD’s Annual Sustainability conference in London and will be invited to join the conference keynote speakers’ panels. This can be through the Vice Chancellor or the Dean of the selected institution taking part in one of the different panels’ discussions.
  • Selected Kuwaiti universities will be included in WASD annual SDGsUNi Global, Regional, and National Directories focusing on SDGs. The directory will be launched officially during the conference and complementary copies will be distributed across the world. The recipients will include top experts in the field of SDGs, UN and high government officials and policymakers, company directors, etc.
  • Range of discounts (10%-100%) for all participating Kuwaiti universities in all WASD conferences, workshops, and training programmes.